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The Office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds (OCRD) provides oversight to deeds registries. It is also responsible for policy and legislation formulation, providing corporate support services, service delivery coordination, formal deeds training and monitoring and evaluation thereof. Strategic planning, interpretation and implementation directives of policies as well as tactical planning are also undertaken at the OCRD.


Our 11 deeds registries offer the following services:


Registration of real rights in land
The service entails:
  • lodgement and preparation of title deeds and documents by conveyancers, notaries or other authorised officials for purposes of registration.

  • examination of deeds and documents lodged to ensure compliance with provisions of relevant legislation.
Maintenance of the public land register
The service entails:
  • data capturing and updating of information on the Deeds Registration System (DRS)
Provision of registration information
The service entails:
  • providing print outs of property ownership for information or judicial purposes

  • research history of property
Deeds Registration Trading Entity Online Services
    The Deeds Registration Trading Entity provides online information services to the public at large. Below is the brief description of web-based services available to the public to access deeds registration information

    Deeds Information Website:

    Our website is accessible through internet using both the normal PC and other mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets(both Android and iOS).

  • Services offered by Deeds Registration Trading Entity
  • Laws pertaining to Deeds Registration Trading Entity
  • Cost of services
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Information links
  • Statistics of property trends
  • Registrars Information, Addresses and Contact details of all the 11 Deeds Registration Offices spread across the country


    We have web-based application used to provide all registered users with property information stored on the Deeds Registration System (DRS), including tracking status for all transactions within the Deeds Registration process. This application further provides users with a platform to perform different searches and provides search results by generating reports that are availed to the client at a specific cost. This application can also be accessed via the internet through desktops, Android or IOS internet enabled devices.

    The following is some of the information that you can retrieve using the DeedsWeb application:

  • The registered owner of a property
  • Interdicts and contracts in respect of the property
  • Purchase price of the property
  • Rules of a sectional title scheme
  • Copies of title deeds documents, ANC and sectional title plans

    Application to Application API:

    Deeds Registration provides application programming interface to clients that require application to application interface to Deeds data. This enables external users to have their applications directly connecting to DRS and performing searches as per specified web service functions.

    Bulk Data Request through Email:

    This platform is available for users who require bulk information but do not necessarily have applications that can use the above API to connect and retrieve information from our systems. Users of this platform are also expected to have a Deeds Web account to use this platform so that they can be billed accordingly.

    Weekly and Monthly Subscriptions:

    This is another platform utilized by big clients (such as the Municipalities) to ensure that they have the latest property ownership information within their jurisdiction. These clients also have a Deeds Web accounts for billing purposes and they have a clearly defined record set that they are interested in. The retrieval of the information they require whether on a weekly or monthly basis is scheduled to run as a batch process and the information retrieved is then emailed to the corresponding clients every last day of the week or every last day of the month.

Maintain an archive of registration records
The service entails:
  • Scanning of deeds and documents
  • Microfilm of records
  • Storage of paper volumes
  • Maintenance of vaults
  • Storage and archive of electronic information