Handling Disputes
Complaint Management Procedure
resolving disputes and issues
General Complaints & Queries
  • Clients will have the right to approach our offices and seek redress if they are unhappy with our services.

    The person lodging a complaint will be responded to within 36 hours.

  • The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000, upholds citizens' rights to express their dissatisfaction with public services.

  • If the promised standard of service is not delivered, citizens will be offered an apology, with a full explanation and a speedy and effective remedy.

    When complaints are made, customers will receive a sympathetic, positive response.

  • How Can You Lodge a Complaint or Compliment?

  • You can lodge a complaint or compliment at any of our offices. At a deeds registry you can:

  • Ask for the Client Relations Officer at our information centres/Registrar of Deeds/Office Manager and lodge your complaint.

  • Ensure that you take down his/her name and leave your contact details; and/or

  • Request a complaints/compliment form, write your complaint and put it in the complaints box at the information centre

  • Fill out our online complaint form which is located here

  • Or write to the Registrar of Deeds of the relevant office

    • (a) Name and surname of the complainant,
    • (b) Contact details of the complainant,
    • (c) Address of the complainant,
    • (d) Full details of the complaint, including the name(s) of the employee(s) involved, if any; or

  • Contact the call centre at 0800 007 095 between 07h30 and 16h30 on weekdays. If the call is made outside operating hours, leave a message and an agent will contact the complaint; or
Presidential Hotline Complaints & Queries
  • Direct the complaint to the Director: Presidential Hotline and Call Centre:
  • (012) 323 6072 --- (012) 312 8066
  • The person lodging a complaint will be responded to within 36 hours.
  • For simple cases, resolution will be 14 days from receipt.
  • For complex cases, a progress report will be provided to the complainant within 14 days from receipt.
Batho Pele
  • The Batho Pele White Paper is the national governments' White Paper for Transforming Public Service Delivery.

  • It is all about giving good customer service to the users of government services and all public servants are expected to practice Batho Pele.

  • Pillars of Batho Pele

  • Consultation
  • Service standards
  • Access
  • Courtesy
  • Information
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Redress
  • Value for Money

  • Contacts

    • Department of Public Service and Administration
    • Ms Marothi Ramphele
    • 012 336 1076
    • marothiR@dpsa.gov.za

    • Office of the Public Service Commission
    • Mr Johannes Mudau
    • 0800 701 701
    • johannesm@opsc.gov.za

    • Office of the Public Protector
    • 012 336 100/1063
    • registration2@pprotect.org
Dispute Resolution Affecting Land Rights
  • The adjudication over disputes pertaining to land rights in South Africa is a competency of the judiciary. However, the Registrars of Deeds play a critical role in the process by issuing a report to court for the purposes of advising the court on registration facts regarding the property in question as well as the statutory framework, practice and procedures affecting the property.

  • Section 97 of the Deeds Registries prescribes that before any application is made to court for authority or an order involving the performance of any act in a deeds registry, the applicant shall give the registrar concerned at least seven days’ notice before the hearing of such application and the registrar may submit to the court such report thereon as he may deem desirable to make.

  • The registrar peruses the notice of motion, conducts research and writes the report, bringing to the court’s attention important registration facts and procedures relating to the matter. The report must be submitted to court within the period as stipulated in the Branch Operational plan.

  • Appeals of administrative nature as envisaged in the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000 are dealt with in terms various internal complaints handling mechanisms as outlined in the Deeds Registration Service Commitment Charter & Service standards dated 24 October 2018.